FAQs English

FAQs English

Here we provide the following:

· Legal Notice and General Conditions of Use
· Privacy Policy and Data Protection
· Cookies Policy
· End-User License App “Badi”

If you have any questions, write to hello@badiapp.com and we will be happy to solve any questions you have about it.
Once you have downloaded our app, you will have to open it for the Badi magic to begin. You can register in 3 different ways:

· With Facebook
· With Google+
· Or by using your email

Choose any way to register that you wish, we give you our word that we will not publish anything without your permission. A little below the registration buttons for Facebook or Google+, you will see that it says “more options”. By clicking here you can register in Badi using an email and password. Here we leave this manual that explains how to register in Badi using email.

By registering with both Facebook and Google+, you will see that your user profile in Badi has been completed with data such as your profile photos, date of birth (and age, of course) and your first and last name.

However, if you do it using email, you will have to fill in the fields of your profile manually.We recommend that once you choose your option, you go to your profile and edit it by filling it in with as much data as possible so users can see, for example, how geeky, active, sociable, etc. you are, as well as filling in a brief description about yourself as a person.

Also, registering with Facebook or Google+ will verify your profile with Badi, therefore, you will not have to do so manually.
After registering with Facebook or Google+, you will have verified your Badi profile with one of these two platforms.
Although it is not essential that you check your account in Badi, yes it is highly recommended that you do. When you check your profile, you will get more visibility in the ads you publish in Badi and more options that, in case you use Badi to search for room, the users that rent a room will send you.

If you have any doubts when verifying your profile, send us an email at hello@badiapp.com and we will be happy to help you.
In Badi, we are aware of current times because this app is made up of people just like you. And like you. And even you.
Therefore, Badi is totally free for both users who want to upload their ad and thus get to rent the room that they have available in their shared apartment, as for those others who are urged to rent a room.
Downloading the app is FREE.
Uploading your ad is FREE.
Using the app to find rooms is FREE.
And no, we don’t have intermediaries in between.
Yes, it is.
Badi is an app platform that puts people who have rooms available to rent in their shared flats in contact with other people looking for a room to rent in an apartment and split expenses.

· If you are the owner of your shared apartment, you can rent as many rooms as you like.
· If you have the rented apartment and you are not the owner, check your lease. You may have a clause indicating that you can, or cannot, sublet rooms from your shared apartment. In case it appears that you cannot sublet rooms, we recommend that you ask the owner of your apartment. There is nothing like communication 1.0 to know what we can and cannot do.

However, it is not the same to rent a room to find a flat and to rent an entire apartment for vacation and lucrative purposes.
If you have a room available that you want to rent in your shared apartment, we will provide you with a manual explaining how you should create and publish your advertisement. By clicking here you can see the complete manual.

However, if after following our guide you still have problems or doubts to upload your room to our app, send us an email at hello@badiapp.com and we will be happy to solve any problem or doubt you have.

Remember that the clearer your advertisement and the more information you give, the more likely you are to rent your room as soon as possible. For this, we provide you with this article in which we give you 5 tips with which you can improve the visibility of your ad. Check it out! It’s worth it.
In our blog you can find a post where we give you 5 tips to improve the visibility of your ad. By improving it, you will get your advertisement to look its best so that you will receive more requests and, therefore, you can rent your room in the blink of an eye.

However, here are some more tips so you know how you can make your photos as real and eye-catching as possible:

· You do not have to be a professional photographer to take good photos of your apartment: with your own mobile you can take good horizontal photos of the different rooms of your apartment (room you advertise, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, terrace, etc).
· The wider the photos look, the better!
· Try to have the room tidy and as neat as possible. No one wants to rent a room that has clothes (or other things) everywhere.
· Light is very important: try to make it natural light so that you can clearly show what is important and highlight major parts of the room.
· Accompany the photos with good descriptive text and a title that is clear and different! Originality in the end will yield rewards!
· Highlight the unique services that you have in your shared apartment and that your new roommate will be able to enjoy when he or she finally rents the available room.
After filling in your ad on Badi and pressing the save button, you will have correctly published on the app. You will see that your ad appears in the “Lister” mode. By clicking on the image of your cover of your ad you will go directly to the recommendations. And what are they? In Badi we have designed a system of recommendations in which we provide profiles of users who are looking for a room and we believe that, by similarity of profiles, they could fit with you. If this is the case, we will send them an invitation to see your ad. If these users accept your invitation, there will be a match and you can start to chat. Here we provide this manual in which you will see how to accept requests that you get for your ad so that you can chat with these users. And this one in which we explain how to change from “Seeker” to “Lister” mode and vice versa. On the other hand, if you click on the wheel icon that you will see in the upper left corner of your advertisement (inside “Lister” mode), you can edit, modify, unpublish, change the availability date of your ad, mark your room as rented when you are done, or even delete your ad when you want.
When a user sees your ad in Badi and is interested, he will send you a request. At that moment, you will receive a pending request that you will have to accept or reject, after seeing the profile of the user, depending on whether you are interested in this person or not. If you accept this request, you will activate a chat that will allow you two to speak. From here you can start a conversation to see if, finally, this user will rent your available and advertised room in Badi. If this happens, we recommend that you immediately mark your room as rented. In this manual we explain how to do it.
After renting your room, we would greatly appreciate it if you marked your room as “rented”. In this manual we explain how you can mark your room as rented.
To delete your ad you will have to go to the settings of your room and, once inside, you will have the ability to delete it. Remember, if you do not want to delete your ad forever, you can also unpublish it ( and only you will be able to see it) or change the availability date of your room if you want to try your ad again (because you want to rent your room again). Remember to press the “save” button so you do not lose the changes you have made to your ad.
Finding a room to rent in Badi is very simple. Just download our app (free for iOS and Android), register as a user in Badi and you can do a search on our app. To be able to perform a search, you will have to be in “Seeker” mode. To change modes (from “Seeker” to “Lister”) just enter your profile and click the two arrow icon that you will see in the upper right corner of your profile picture. In this manual, we explain how to change from one mode to another. Once you are in “Seeker” mode, select the city where you want to search for available rooms and ask for those that interest you. To fine-tune your search, you can also use the filters. We recommend that you take a look at this manual in which we tell you how to search for a room in Badi in a very simple manner. We remind you that you should complete your profile with the maximum and best information possible so that users who wish to rent out their rooms can send you invitations to chat with them. This method is based on the system of affinity recommendations that we have developed at Badi that will allow you, both as a “Lister” and a “Seeker”, to get in touch and have a match in the shortest possible time. In this way, we will fulfill our goal: to find you your ideal roommate according to your age, tastes and hobbies. If after following our guide and advice you still have problems or doubts, send us an email at hello@badiapp.com and we will be happy to solve any problem or doubt you might have.
No, thanks to our two modes (“Lister” and “Seeker”) you do not need to upload an ad to Badi if you are just looking for a room to rent. Just enter “Seeker” mode and search through our app using our filter system and location finder so you can get list of rooms compatible with the requirements you choose. For more information on how to perform a room search in Badi see this manual which succinctly explains how to perform the search.
After many months of listening, we at Badi have enabled two modes in our app:

· On the one hand we have “Seeker” mode: In this mode, once you have registered in Badi and completed your profile, you can search for rooms available in the city where you want to find one to rent.
· On the other hand, we have “Lister” mode: In this other wall, you can publish rooms that you have available to rent in your shared flat.

If you are a “Seeker”, you can only access the “Lister” wall by posting an ad for a room. To do this you will either have to publish a room on the home page or go to your profile and click on the two arrow icon that you see on your profile picture. If you are a “Lister” you can access “Seeker” mode whenever you want from your profile (clicking the two arrow icon you will see on your profile picture). Here we will provide a manual in which we explain how to change modes from “Lister” to “Seeker” in a very simple way. If you have any questions and need our help, do not hesitate to send an email to hello@badiapp.com
The answer to this question is yes! You can!
When you receive a request (if you have a room posted in Badi) or an invitation (if you are looking for a room to rent) before making the big decision “do I accept or reject the request/invitation?” and chat with that interested person, we always recommend that you look at his or her profile.

And how can you do that?

· From the app: clicking on their profile to view their profile.
· From the web: You will have to be in “Lister” mode. Then click on my rooms and finally on requests. In this section you will see that you have requests in one tab and recommendations in another. By entering recommendations you will be able to see the complete profiles of those people that we think would fit as your ideal roommate.

Remember, when you accept a recommendation, you will be sending an invitation to that person. If that person accepts your invitation, you can chat! And if he rejects it, nothing will happen. You can also send a request if you see your room and fall in love.

If you have any questions on this topic, write to hello@badiapp.com and we will be delighted to answer you as quickly as possible.
If this happens, and we hope it does not happen, you can report this user and we will receive your complaint. If the annoyances are very serious, we recommend that you take screenshots of the conversation you are having with this user that is bothering you and send them to hello@badiapp.com commenting on the case and asking for help.

We will investigate this user and, if necessary, we will remove and block your user profile in Badi so that he or she will not bother you again.

We also will share our Rulebook of good Badi conduct for you to take a look if you feel like it.
Yes and we also have the best customer service in the world. Under the name Happy Department of Badi, you can contact them whenever you want and they will solve all of the doubts or problems that you have in Badi.
To contact them, you can use:

· the email hello@badiapp.com
· the internal chat of our group (looking for the Happy Badi team)
· Any of our social networks
· Making a comment on Need Some Badi, Badi’s blog
· By calling +34 933 023 673

Our Happy department’s opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M to 8 P.M (although sometimes, for very extreme cases, they are so good that they are connected 24h a day any day of the week).
Yes, a thousand times yes!

Inside the platform you will see a message that will appear to you occasionally in which we will ask you what you think of Badi and what improvements you would propose. Clicking on it will open mail and you can contact us in more detail with what improvements you would propose.

You can also send us an email at hello@badiapp.com whenever you whenever you want to, just indicate in the subject of the mail “In Badi, I would improve…”

We take the opinions of our users to heart, that's why we listen to you continuously, so that your recommendations will come true as we launch new versions of the app.
Practically all of them. And we love social networks a lot!
Here is a complete list of social networks that you can follow us with:

· Facebook
· Twitter
· Instagram
· YouTube
· Pinterest
· LinkedIn
· Google+
· Spotify
Oh...this is something that we never like to hear, but we understand that at some point you may want to do this.

If this happens and you really want to unsubscribe and delete your account in Badi, just follow these steps:
· Go to your Profile
· Then go to Settings (the wheel-shaped icon you see in the top right corner of your profile)
· Click on Support & Help
· And, once inside, click Delete account

You can see more info on how to unsubscribe from Badi in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And we will cross all of our fingers and toes so that you decide not to leave Badi because we will miss you so much! However, if this is your final decision, we will always respect it and wait for you with open arms in case someday you want to return.
You can do it whenever you want to leave us a review (hopefully one with 4 or 5 stars so that we will be happy as pie) in the Play Store or Apple Store.

If you have never rated an app before, here are two manuals in which we teach you how to leave a review in the Apple Store (if you use a smartphone with iOS operating system) and another in which we teach you how to leave a review in the Play Store (if you use a smartphone with Android operating system).

Leaving us a review helps us a lot to get to know more and more users who, like you, want to rent the room they have available in their shared apartment or are looking for a room to rent.