Privacy Policy and Data Protection

BADI APP, SL, hereinafter referred to as BADI APP, in accordance with current legislation on Personal Data Protection, informs its Users of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy it will apply in the processing of personal data that the User voluntarily provide BADI APP through the Platform.

By providing BADI APP with its personal data it expressly agrees that BADI APP may treat such data in the terms of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy clause.

Before registering with BADI APP, Users must read this privacy and Data protection policy and accept it by checking the box on the BADI APP registration form.

When registering the User must provide some data for the creation of his profile. In addition, BADI APP, as long as Users authorize it, will collect data related to its location, including the geographical location in real time of the User’s computer or mobile device.

Once the registration has been completed, each User will be able to access their profile and complete it and/or edit it as it deems appropriate. The User will be able to access and create an account through his Facebook profile.

The information and data provided by the user will be available at all times in their User account and may be modified by the user through the Edit profile option.

The User agrees to enter real and truthful data. Likewise, it will be solely responsible for the damages that BADI APP or third parties may suffer as a result of the lack of veracity, inaccuracy, lack of validity and authenticity of the data provided.

The data collected by BADI APP will be exclusively used to achieve the object defined in the General Conditions of Use of the web.

The User is strictly forbidden to provide personal data, including the image, of third parties. The User is obliged to keep BADI APP harmless from any possible claims, penalties or fines that may be required to incurred as a result of the User’s failure to comply with the duty described in this paragraph.

Treatment of personal data and purposes of the same

BADI APP expresses its commitment to comply with the legislation in force at all times regarding data protection, in particular with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 12 December, on the protection of data of a personal nature; Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the Regulation on the Development of Organic Law 15/1999; and other applicable legislation.

In accordance with article 5 of law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of protection of personal data, Users are informed that the personal data that is provided on the web will be subject to automated treatment and become part of the files owned by BADI APP, being responsible for the file BADI APP, S.L, properly registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


BADI APP will treat the personal data provided by users in accordance with the following purposes:

  • Contact: The data received by any of the means and/or contact channels indicated on the platform are used to manage the contact request received.
  • Account: User account management
  • Management of contracts: management of the negotiation, pre contractual or contractual relations with the user.
  • Own and third-party commercial communications: carrying out promotional and advertising activities of their own or third parties by any means, including the sending of commercial messages through SMS, email, and postal mail, etc., based on the study and segmentation of the data collected during the browsing of the website, of the data provided by filling in any form.
  • Suggestions and/or comments: attend the communications received and provide the corresponding response.

The User may modify or cancel the manner in which BADI APP forwards its corporate, commercial and/or advertising communications, such as newsletters, emails or others, which it receives as a result of its registration as a user.

Security measures and levels

BADI APP, has taken the necessary measures to maintain the level of security required, according to the nature of the personal data processed and the circumstances of the treatment, in order to avoid, as far as possible, and always according to the state of the art, its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.


The Platform uses backup systems to ensure the correct functioning of the services offered by BADI APP. In the case of definite user deactivation, access to the account and user content will be deactivated and the contents will be deleted, with the exception of the backups that can be retained to cover possible legal responsibilities that may derive from the relationship with the User. Access to this data will be blocked in accordance with the law.

Cookies, Web Beacons, Dart Cookie and other technologies and/or services

In accordance with the scope laid down in article 22 of law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the information society and electronic commerce, we inform you that the BADI APP website uses cookies to allow the normal visualization of its content and navigation by it.

Cookies are fragments of information sent from a server that the browser hosts as text files on your computer in such a way that in a later access to the server the browser can obtain stateful information, thus allowing  to maintain that state information, and its configurations and personal preferences.

BADI APP uses cookies to allow the correct development of browser functionality and the correct experience in viewing on the platform and the interaction of your browser with it.

BADI APP also uses other technologies to help understand which parts of the website are more accepting, where visitors go and how long they spend there.

Cookies and other technologies are also used to ensure that advertisers on the Internet deliver products and services that meet the requirements of Google in their Programs Policies.

You can disable the use of cookies through your browser; however, this would prevent the use of all the functionality of the website and the loss of certain state information. For that purpose, we inform you that certain cookies that are strictly necessary have already been stored on your computer. To delete them, leave this website and complete the cookie deletion process set in your browser’s preferences.

If you do not want BADI APP to deploy cookies in your browser, you can configure it to reject cookies or to inform you when a website tries to place a cookie in the browser software. Most browsers allow you to configure cookie handling in the following 3 ways:

  • Reject all cookies
  • Accept all cookies; and
  • Opt-in to accept or reject certain cookies.

The browser can also allow you to better specify which cookies have to be accepted and which ones do not. In particular, the user can normally accept one of the following options:

  • Reject cookies from certain domains; Reject third party cookies;
  • Accept cookies as non-persistent (removed when broswer closes);
  • Allow the server to create cookies for a different domain.

There are several types of cookies depending on the purpose for which they are used:

The Website uses the following cookies:

  • Technical cookies: those that allow the user to navigate through the website and use the different options or services that exist in it, such as identifying the session, access restricted parts, performing the process of purchasing an order, or sharing content through social networks.
  • Analytical cookies: These are those that allow to carry out the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of the users of the Website, that uses the services of Google Analytics to carry out these analyses. The conditions of these services can be consulted at Https:// and
  • Personalization cookies: These cookies allow the User to determine certain Website options (language, visualization, bookmarks, browser type, etc.).

Also, the Website uses the following third party cookies (administered by Analysis service providers, social networks, advertising, and others) other than Badi app:

  • Social cookies: Allow the User to use the different options or services offered by the Platform/Website of the third service provider at any time (e.g. to share content through social networks).

Browsers can also allow users to view and delete cookies individually.

To allow, know, restrict, block, or delete cookies or any other Web page, please see the configuration options of your browser:

BADI APP can also use small images of a pixel by a pixel or web beacons (visible or invisible) that report on which parts of the website are visited more often and measure the effectiveness of the searches made by the client on the website. Web beacons serve and are used in a similar way to cookies.

BADI APP uses the following services and/or resources that can use cookies or web beacons to analyze what happens on the platform:

  • Google Analytics –
  • Google as a partner provider, uses cookies to publish ads in BADI APP. You can disable the use of the Google Ad System Dart cookie by accessing the Google Privacy Center. Google Analytics has certified its adherence to the agreement reached by the U.S. government and the European Commission called “the EU-US privacy shield” which the Commission formally adopted on July 12th, 2016. The privacy shield replaces the previous safe Harbor scheme. You can consult the certified companies at:

Also, in the search for total transparency in its relationship with the User, BADI APP informs you of the use in the Platform of other computer mechanisms related to personal data, such as logs.

The logs are files stored on the BADI APP server that record navigation data and whose main purpose is to gather information about the operations performed by the Users. They also allow us to continue providing the services you request, to better understand your preferences and to offer other services that may suit your tastes. They also help us analyze the operation of the system, locate the incidents and problems that may arise with the purpose of solving them in the shortest possible time. You can disable the use of logs through your browser; however, this could prevent the use of all functionalities of the website and the loss of certain state information.

SImilarly, BADI APP informs you that part of the systems, data and services of the Platform are hosted or used, among others, and for the purposes of Amazon Web Services (“AWS”): This is a set of cloud-based computer services offered by Amazon. BADI APP determines the regions in which the data on your platform is stored. The data on the platform is generally stored in countries subject to European data protection legislation. In the case of BADI APP, host content in AWS and these must be stored for any reason on servers located in the U.S. (outside the territory of the European Union), these are covered by the agreement reached by the US Government and the European Commission called the “EU-US privacy shield” which the Commission formally adopted on July 12, 2016. The privacy shield replaces the previous safe Harbor scheme. AWS welcomes the new transatlantic data flow framework. For more information:

Transfer of Data

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, you expressly agree that BADI APP may assign its third party data, also at an international level, for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purpose, with the requirements and conditions established in an applicable legislation, facilitating the timely consent for the realization of such national and international transfers.

Under Age

BADI APP services will only be provided to those of the legal age or legally emancipated minors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BADI APP shall not be liable in any case for any damages and losses that may arise in those cases in which the minor, at the time of registration, had not provided truthful information about their minority status.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the access of minors to the contents included in the platform is the responsibility of their legal guardians, who are obliged to exert adequate control on the activity of their children or minors in their charge or to install some of the tools of control of the use of the Internet in order to avoid:

  • Access to content that is not suitable for children;
  • Any type of payment information (ex: Bank cards or virtual payment service accounts)
  • The sending of personal data without the prior authorization of their legal guardians.


The User will be able to unsubscribe from any service offered by BADI APP at all times by following these steps: Profile > Settings > Support & Help > Delete account. By following these steps, you will be unsubscribed definitively.

The definitive discharge implies the elimination and deletion of all user data linked to your account, except for that data that is in the backups, which will not be maintained any longer than what is provided in the Law. Once definitively discharged, the User will not be able to recover his or her data. All of the foregoing without prejudice to the obligations of conservation that oblige BADI APP or any third party that bring cause of this one to preserve the data – blocked – that requires in its case the applicable legislation in force.

To the appropriate effects it is stated that the User’s activity carried out prior to the definitive withdrawal will continue to be part of the Platform’s database, although the personal data related to such activities will be duly anonymous according to the legislation of such that no form of binding or inference can be established between such activities and a particular User.

Exercise of Rights

The User may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in compliance with what is established in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Protection of Personal Data, taking into account that the exercise thereof is very personal, so it will be necessary for the affected to prove their identity. The exercise of these rights must be made in writing signed by the holder of the data, indicating his address, attaching a copy of his National Identity Document or other supporting document, to BADI APP, to the email

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that conform these conditions shall be Spanish law, unless the rules of protection of consumers and users establish the applicability of a different legislation.

For the resolution of any conflict that may arise, BADI APP and the User agree to submit to the judges and tribunals of BADI APP, S.L., or the User, at the choice of the latter, provided that it is located in Spanish territory or any other whose applicability is imposed by the rules of protection of consumers and users.